Publishers is a content prediction platform for editors and content producers. It is meant to predict what stories to cover that will generate the most traffic. It does so by using
  • each publisher's historical and real-time data on traffic, content, user engagement
  • external real-time measurement of social momentum
  • preferences specific to each reporter and editor on the platform
This allows to tell you what stories would be best for your publication, your preference and your audience. The data for each account is customized to the user and publisher specifically, thus no two users have the same recommendations or experience. Predictions and recommendations become more accurate depending on how much data is provided and how much the user trains this.
This system was developed with direct input from publishers to streamline their days, helping them decide what to write to drive the most quality traffic, and where opportunities may exist to drive more traffic to existing content. Predictions are not driven by the herd effect - they are optimized to identify opportunities before too many competitors have covered a topic. is how you start your day. We provide assistance to key decisions, including:
  • "What should we write about today?"
  • "Should we cover this story?"
  • What should we promote today?"
  • "What angle will our readers care about?"
  • "What headline will draw in the most readers?"