Insights Are Found Where You Look For Them


The New York Times is mining Reddit for insights on how people react to their articles. This is a brilliant move.

NYT Director of Analytics Innovation James G. Robinson spoke on the topic this week at the World News Media Conference in Washington, D.C. A post on his talk in revealed interesting tidbits in how the Times seeks out insights and uses them. Insights and analytics don’t have to just be numbers in a database (though that’s always a good start).

Take the data, see how people are interacting. Use trained journalists to observe how people are interacting. The very best insights come from the mix of data and the human touch.

So Times editors and reporters monitor Reddit for submissions of its articles. Because two decades of Times’ journalism is available digitally, Redditors may submit articles from long ago, not just today. Via IFTTT, those interested can be updated automatically on Slack or via email if a Times article has been submitted. ( reporter Abigail Edge published those IFTTT recipes.)

The more we see how people are interacting with our content, the better we can get at deciding what to write about and when, and what really gets people going. Lay some data over that and you’ve got pure gold

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