Influencers + Social

Minerva can help find your audience in the sea of billions of people through social to better understand their interests, patterns, publications they read, character.
Then use influencers to target them. Cherry pick influencers by who they are and who they have following them. 
  • Find influencers based on follower interests, demographics, engagement, size of following. Looking for quality target not quantity
  • Optimize for best ROI influencers
  • Optimize blend of influencers for budget and outcomes
Can also identify influencers with shared brand interests and even character.
Automated outreach to activate influencer for campaign. Less work for you.
Campaign Tracking
  • Performance
  • Earned media value
  • Social reach
  • Interactions
  • Posts

Value of influencers and campaign - Earned Media Value

We are measuring the value of the influencers’ followers and engagement. It’s the real ROI. We calculate this with an algorithm based on interactions and on what type of followers interact with the post. As well as an attribution system in order to extrapolate more data.
For each post, we check who have gave you the like, that comment, that retweet, etc. The more important/popular the user, the more valuable. We check if the followers are part of your target. i.e: it's a 25 years old woman living in NYC. If the followers fit your target, it’s more valuable than if the followers is a man in this case. The attribution system is extrapolation of data. It might be that an user sees the post today, never interacts with the post, but she goes directly to the ecommerce or store.