Predictablely's Minerva AI works with brands and agencies to dive deep into audiences and uncover what consumers are interested in to for strategy and content marketing. This is done by answering specific questions about segmentations of consumers and bringing the visualized answers back into a collection of cards. It is prediction, recommendation, clustering, scraping, cleaning, machine learning, natural language processing, all available on the fly to analyze any data, cross data all in plain english.
Data can be aggregated, normalized, analyzed, and crossed from many sources 
  • Gathered from Twitter, Facebook, Email, Publications, Brand positioning
  • Competitors audiences analyzed.
  • Internal data sources
Direct questions are answered to give strategists more time with the answers and less with where to find them.
Answers to questions about what customers want and are talking about:
  • What are my consumers interested in?
  • My brand is doing an initiative on the environment.
  • What does my audience care about regarding the environment or related issues?
  • What are the top publications on this topic for me to partner with?
  • What are my competitors talking about? And how does what my brand is talking about compare?
  • What are my competitors’ consumers interested in? And how does my consumers compare? What about a new target demographic?
  • I’m targeting a new demographic (age, gender, race, market, household income), what are they interested in? And for each intere st what are some trending stories and top publications?
  • How does my audience’s interests intersect with that of the publisher? With what my brand is pushing out? With what my competitor is pushing out? With what my competitor’s audience is interested in?
  • What are some trending stories on this topic?